Is your Business Prepared to Dominate Google for your Search Terms?

You have read and heard it every where: Web 2.0 is essential for any business to survive.  Why?  We live in the age of Information and in case you don't know, "Google is my friend". 

What does this mean?  I means that consumers are constantly asking Google to inform them about everything from ceramic toilets to wedding receptions:  google KNOWS everything.

The question you need to be asking yourself about your own company for 2010 is this:

Does google know you exist?

Whether you like it or not, Google now controls virtually everyone’s online business and Web site, and knowing of its future plans is the only thing that can prepare you for the changing future of search engine marketing and make plans for it.  Simply put, if Google can't find you (and place you on top of the search queries), how do you expect your future customers to?

Here lies your chance to get ahead of your competitors

Fortunately, Google’s been kind enough to make their plans and "predictions" (at least for 2010) known to the general public. Its just a matter of keeping close tabs on them and keeping notes of what they’re saying.

Google Says...

It will continue to expand in many directions at once.

  • It’s going to enable people to search for more types of information.  Knowing what types of information they’re going to be searching for in the near future and knowing how it’s going to look for them will surely give you a ranking boost.
  • It’s going to understand content better.  The only option to rank in the search engines will be to constantly provide lots of good, or better yet, great content, and let your competitors waste their time in trying to outsmart the system.
  • It’s going to look for and return better data.  Have you heard of Wolfram Alpha?  They are dedicated to working with Bing (a raising search engine from microsoft).  Google is ready to retaliate with google squared... you need to understand how this will impact your business whether or not you are running a bricks and morter business or an online emperium.
  • It’s going to push for a faster Web.  The speed of the page load for your business will be a determining factor in your ranking.  If your page loads slowly, then you will be considered a sleeper.  The fast loaders will dominate google.  Fortunately for us, Google has made available a number of tools to help us out in improving our pages’ loading time.  If you want to leave your competition a-sleepin', then you want to make sure you understand and know how to improve your page's loading time.
  • It’s going to change some things under the hood.  Just recently, Google announced that it has already taken Caffeine out of the sandbox and that it has been activated in one of its data centers. However, it didn’t mention which data center it was. If you haven’t heard of Caffeine yet, it is Google’s next-generation architecture for web search which will allow Google to push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of search results. Nothing much has been said about it ever since it was first announced...
The thing is this:  every business on the planet needs to have a strategy, an online strategy for keeping on top of Google.  Even if you have NO web space, don't think this does not apply to your business.  I assure you, your competition would thank you, but we both know that this is not going to help one bit.  The economy is in trouble and you cannot afford to let these developments pass you buy.  Smart investmentors in their business will see the need. 

Do You Have an Online Marketing Strategy?

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